Recruitment Services

too busy to recruit the people you need?

It’s catch 22! Your business is doing so well you need more staff, but because your business is doing so well, you are too busy to recruit. Recruitment doesn’t have to be costly or difficult. I can help your business make good recruitment decisions that last.

4EG Consulting doesn’t do “one size fits all”. I will provide you with a service that’s designed specifically for you, your team and your needs – saving you money on your bottom line as well as finding the perfect fit to add value to your team. Here are just some of the ways I can help:

  • Creating job profiles that will become a tool for recruitment and much more
  • Writing your advertising copy and finding the best place to get you the right candidates
  • Head hunting  and Talent Mapping the job market
  • Managing the application process whatever the volumes and platform you use
  • Interview management throughout every stage
  • Creating and developing interview tools, techniques and best practice that fit your business
  • Advising on shortlisting candidates and delivering feedback
  • Training teams on Recruitment best practice and techniques to grow your hiring know how
  • Outplacement support through career mentoring for individuals leaving your business in the best way possible

“She is a recruitment and HR fairy godmother! I couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

Amanda Nicholls, Group Owner, Partnerships Bulletin

If you’d like to find how I can help your company recruit, contact me for a free, no-obligation chat.